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Welcome to the School of Computer Science and Technology at Shandong University! From the Computer Science Teaching and Research Office set up at the Department of Mathematics in 1971, to the Computer Science Department founded in 1981, and finally to its official establishment in 2000, the school has experienced a few big development phases but it never changed its original intent of serving our nation by offering the highest-quality research, teaching, and services. Witnessing the fast information technology transformations in recent years, the school is dedicated to educating new-generations, preparing them for the emerging technological innovations.

In 2017, the school was relocated to Qingdao, having ushered in a new era of rapid growth. In the years to come, the school will leverage the "new engine" of the Qingdao campus, making its best effort to establish a world-class computer science program to lead academic innovations and to promote technology developments. The school merits global vision, ability to innovate, cooperation, and responsibility. It is committed to providing a warm environment to support its faculty members in their teaching endeavors and innovative research.

The school looks forward to strengthening its cooperation with industry, and is striving to promote technological innovations and actively encouraging technology transfers. The school invites outstanding scholars in computer science, mathematics, information science and other related disciplines to join us. It provides competitive salaries as well as attractive startup packages to help new faculty members succeed in their academic career.

The school is home to our alumni. It welcomes you to make suggestions, to talk with your younger fellow students, to seek cooperation opportunities, or just to come back and say hello to your favorite teachers.

Our faculty and staff, students and alumni, are all together, working hard to make our school a paradise where our dreams can come true!

Xiuzhen Cheng

Professor and Dean

March 18, 2020