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The intelligent media research centre (iLearn for short) in Shandong Universities was founded in Jan 2017 by Prof. Liqiang Nie. Its primary research focuses on multimedia computing, information retrieval, and their applications. iLearn has more than 100 members, including 5 faculties, 2 postdocs, 4 research assistants, and 14 phd students. Thus far, it has published more than 200 papers in the top conferences or journals, 3 books, and 40 plus patents. iLearn is now in charge of more than 30 million RMB funding from governmental- and enterprise-funded projects, in total.

iLEARN dedicates to a multi-cultural and international study environment. It works closely with many prominent research groups from the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong with regular student and faculty visiting. Moreover, iLEARN conducts the industry-driven studies, applying the real-world data from industrial communities to make the most practical research. iLEARN also explores the new form of industry-university-research cooperation. In 2018, iLEARN established a joint lab with Zhiyang company to apply its cutting-edge techniques to smart grid, and achieved promising achievements.