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Performance and Security Enhancement of Mobile Computing

Release date : May 22, 2019 office viewed :

TitlePerformance and Security Enhancement of Mobile Computing


Time:8:30 am, 23rd May 2019 

Speaker:Jianlong Wu


The rapid proliferation of IoT devices within the last decade has identified the limitations of radio frequency (RF)-only mobile communications. This talk will present the use of some alternative transmission medium (e.g. visible light, sound) instead of radio frequency signal for the performance and security enhancements of IoT. With the alternative transmission medium, we could (1) relieve the overcrowded Radio Frequency spectrum imposed by the evergrowing interconnection demand of smart devices and IoT, (2) provide some novel services which are difficult to achieve by the RF-only wireless communication, such as visual association, fine-grained location specific advertisement, etc., (3) ease the inherent security vulnerability of RF.


Pengfei Hu is a researcher with VMWare xLab, Palo Alto, CA. He received the Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis (US). His PhD supervisor is Prof. Prasant Mohapatra. Dr. Hu’s research interests are in the areas of mobile computing, visible light communication, and cyber security and data privacy. He has published more than 20 papers in reputed conferences and journals on these topics, including: IEEE communications Surveys & Tutorials, TMC, INFOCOM, CoNEXT, SECON, MILCOM, etc. Dr. Hu also holds 5 patents in the area of mobile computing. He served as reviewer for numerous journals and conferences including TIFS, JSAC, TWC, SECON, CNS, WCNC, MILCOM, etc.